Discovering the Butterflies

"Discovering butterflies" is the new application available on iTunes to recognize the species of butterflies most common diurnal in the province of Trieste. It is more than a simple manual for the recognition of Butterflies. The guide is in Italian and was developed thanks to the support of the Department of Life Sciences of theUniversity of Trieste.

The images of the insects were obtained by photographing the collections made available by Natural History Museum of Venice. The app is part of a project funded by the European Commission. We are talking about KeyToNature, a project coordinated by the University of Trieste whose goal is to develop cutting-edge tools for the identification of terrestrial organisms.

The guide contains 57 species and is perfectly suited to the needs of students (university and non-university) but also of enthusiasts of nature is biodiversity. The application costs only 0.79 eurocent and is compatible with iPhone, iPad ed iPod touch.

In addition to butterflies, the initiative has also developed others interactive eco-guides available online, such as the Guide to Bone Fish and Shrubs. For more information, please consult the KeyToNature portal.

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