When to change your PC

When to change your PC

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You really need to buy a new computer or would you just need to update what you have? When the computer is too slow it does not necessarily have to be replaced. In this article we report some tips for Save Money, energy and troubleshoot your computer.

Before buying a new computer, it is necessary to consider the possibility of an update. Upgrading the computer means potential RAM memory so as to make - among other things - the transition from one program to another more immediate. If after years of wear, the computer is too slow, before running to the stores and abandoning the old pc in the landfill, better try some free strategies.

First of all you have to make a backup of the system, so as not to lose any data then you have to:

  • Make sure there are no viruses or spyware, perhaps using free software such as Microsoft Security Essentials. For other malware there is Malwarebytes, also this freeware. Install these programs and proceed with a computer scan.
  • To remove "the junk memory ", like accumulated data and useless programs present in the bundle, there are two free software such as CCleaner and PC Decrapifier.
  • Uninstall all unnecessary programs. It happens to install programs that then end up in oblivion, better to remove them. When a program does not uninstall, you can perform a forced deletion with software such as Revo.
  • Reinstall Windows

If the computer continues to be slow, an update will have to be evaluated. If the RAM you have is less than 2 GB, you will need to double it. As well as if the hard drive is full, it is best to empty it using external HD storage.

Your computer should never go to landfill. If it is necessary to change it, it is better to donate it to an association or take it to the classrooms run by students at your university. When buying a new computer the guidelines provided by the Energy Star classification may be useful; Computers that have less impact on the environment also have excellent battery life! Better to prefer LED backlights and mercury-free displays, PVC-free homes and low-energy systems. An excellent example is the ecofriendly and lightweight Sony Vaio EG3. With its 14 inches it offers excellent performance.

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