Cordless and radiation

Cordless and radiation

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Did you know that cordless phones emit radiation just like GSM cell phones? Digital cordless phones can release emissions of about 6V / m and many bases, they emit radiation even when the phone is not in use, so microwaves are continuously emitted 24 hours a day. Not much is known about the type of radiation emitted by cell phones as information about emissions is scarce of cordless phones. While research teams try to prove the likely negative impact on humans, some German companies have developed cordless with very low emissions.

Third generation cordless phones do not emit continuous radiation. The latest models can adjust the emitting power according to the distance or proximity from the base. Many people are used to sleeping while holding the cordless telephone on the bedside table, right next to the bed. This increases the exposure time to the radiation emitted by the device.

When we talk about portable device radiation we refer to a new type of pollution, the number of sources ofelectromagnetic waves is growing strongly. Human exposure to these waves is almost constant. L'International Agency for Cancer Research stated that the long-term use of cell phones could be the cause of some forms of cancer, however there is still no certain scientific evidence.

While they wait "scientific evidence", You could go back to the old corded telephone and abandon the more digital and modern cordless phones for a while. If you really don't want to do without the cordless phone, you can look for a model that minimizes the transmit power when the device is idle.

Siemens has addressed this problem by proposing the model Gigaset Eco Plus. A cordless that is proposed with the eco mode with very low emissions. The Siemens cordless phone emits radio waves well below the recommended limits. Although there is still no scientific evidence to demonstrate that the radio waves emitted by DECT phones can be harmful, it is better to adopt a cautious approach by favoring low-emission cordless phones or which allow - just like Gigaset models - automatic or manual reduction of transmission. of energy. In addition, these cordless phones allow a energy saving power up to 60% thanks to the mode Eco Plus exploited by Gigaset. Like Siemens, Panasonic also offers cordless phones with modes Eco Smart which automatically reduces the energy consumption and produces less radiation.

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