Who sucks the most energy at home?

Who sucks the most energy at home?

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Lately we often talk about Vampires but in the home, who sucks the most power? Heating and air conditioning are two fundamental elements and their operation plays a crucial role in the home environment; the electricity requirement of stoves and air conditioners is very high but the real parasite is another. For those of you who like to waste money and energy, ignore this article, others can go ahead and read what a British study found.

The British study was carried out thanks to the collaboration of the Department for Environmental Affairs, Food & Rural, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and theEnergy Saving Trust which reports it in full version on its portal. Is titled "Powering the nation - household electricity-using habits revealed " and it is the report that, analyzing the habits of English-speaking families, detects what the consumption ofelectric energy in the home.

L'Energy Saving Trust highlights an alarming result: in the United Kingdom, in a year, up to two billion dollars are wasted a year in electric energy intended to meet the needs of domestic appliances not active. This means that families could spend up to $ 1,340 a year on appliances that are turned off but still plugged into electrical outlets. Among our tips on how to save electricity, there was a very specific recommendation: use multi-sockets with "on / off" button or directly disconnect the main switch of the household appliance until the operating LED of the device turns off.

According to a study, with the only "multi-socket power strips"About 80 euros per year can be saved, while another 50 euros could be saved with a more thoughtful use of the washing machine. The ways to save energy there are, it is up to you to make the right moves. Simply think about it tonight before leaving your cell phone charging overnight!

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