Waterpebble, to save water

Waterpebble, to save water

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How much water do we need to wash ourselves? How much instead do we waste uselessly? During the summer with intense heat waves, the consumption of a fundamental and precious resource, such as water, increases considerably, especially in the form of showers to cool our hot bodies.

Already small simple rules can help reduce water waste: prefer the shower to the bathroom, turn off the tap while we soap, brush our teeth or shave, insert the jet breakers, etc. But all this is not enough. To overcome this problem Paul Priestman, industrial designer, created Waterpebble.

What is it for Waterpebble?
It is a pebble of water that helps to monitor the amount of water used for the shower. Waterpebble is made of totally recyclable material and is based on the simple calculation of amount of water used which, through bright LEDs, warn the user if he is behaving in a virtuous manner or not. A green light indicates economic consumption, yellow indicates a level close to waste, red indicates excessive consumption.

The device has a memory for the water used during the first shower. In this way it uses this data as a reference for the following ones: it allows to reduce the duration of the water flow and, consequently, the energy necessary to heat it.

When we talk about domestic hot water, let's not forget that large amounts of electricity are needed to heat it. This is why it is important consume less water, if you also want to reduce energy consumption; in this way it will be possible to reach a double goal with minimum effort.

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