How to raise awareness of separate collection

How to raise awareness of separate collection

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It is not very difficult separate waste, yet there are those who prefer not to differentiate them and throw everything in the same bin. In many cities of Italy it could be useful to start campaigns for raise awareness of separate collection, so as to counter this phenomenon of superficiality and spread an environmental awareness.

How many of you are wondering how to raise awareness of separate collection? If you are doing it too, know that you can act in different ways, the youngest and most dynamic one is given by creativity. What do you think of making a video to upload on youtube and share it on the Facebook pages of the committees of your city? Does it seem too difficult a task? The young Gabriele Saluci, together with the Turin administration, succeeded. Get inspired and watch the video "Differentiated, blessed are those who do it. Well!".

A 19-year-old boy, Francesco Cucari, decided to develop an application for Android that helps sort waste. There are those who have designed brochures or entire web portals. If you are not a graphic designer and have no artistic talent, don't give up. You can always take advantage of the material made by young people like Gabriele or Francesco.

Organize a green event together with the committees of your city and exploit it for raise awareness of separate collection. If you don't have enough strength to organize an ad hoc event, take advantage of the town's festivals or concerts to carve out an eco-friendly space where you can promote good ecological practices, it won't be difficult.

For raise awareness of separate collection you can always take advantage of the simplest technologies such as the widespread social networks. Open a themed group on facebook and invite all your friends, promote your group and use it to educate the public to divide up waste in the most suitable way.

Video: Awareness Tai Chi Behind the scenes 108 moves with Kevin (June 2022).


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