Walkable photovoltaic tiles

Walkable photovoltaic tiles

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A walkable floor can generate photovoltaic energy? Yes if it comes to Photovoltaic Floor. In Spain, the Porcelanosa group has created an innovative floor that makes it possible to use walkable surfaces as a source of clean energy to meet the electrical needs of the house.

Photovoltaic Floor, the walkable floor, resistant and above all capable of producing a lot of energy. Any kind of photovoltaic panel it has a higher efficiency when the sun's rays strike it perpendicularly, since the energy of a radiation is proportional to the incident angle. If a panel is placed horizontally, it is much more sensitive to radiation that comes vertically, like that Photovoltaic Floor it will have a greater yield when the sun is very high in the sky.

A floor consisting of photovoltaic tiles which integrates perfectly from an architectural point of view, considering that half of the buildings in Italy are subject to landscape constraints. The tile is in porcelain stoneware coated with an amorphous silicon film, or in CIGS, which transforms the tile into a cell: a photovoltaic solar glass embedded directly in the ceramic of the tile.

Installed on a support structure, the flooring system consists of modular panels fixed on the extrados of the solar pavement, in order to obtain a cavity under the tread surface for electrical connections and maintenance of the systems: the removable panels in fact allow quick inspection at any point, also guaranteeing rapid and considerable versatility in case of adaptation needs.

The applications are innumerable, from outdoor terraces to walkable roofs, without excluding the hypothesis of equipping an entire public square with such flooring. The Photovoltaic Floor it has a high durability and is able to withstand the stresses of a normal floor. The great innovation of the system Photovoltaic Floor, compared to traditional panels, is the use of photovoltaic tiles in walkable places. In addition, it allows to eliminate the traditional ones photovoltaic panels without sacrificing energy savings and accessibility of spaces. The photovoltaic integrated is the new frontier for an increasingly eco-sustainable world in the name of ethics.

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