Carbon Neutral Airports

Air traffic has a big one environmental impact but it would start on the right foot if at least the airports they were green. In the UK this phrase could become a famous slogan: two major British airports have become a zero impact. The announcement was launched by Manchester Airports Group (MAG).

Both airports have implemented a number of programs to cut CO2 emissions. The pilot project started six years ago and today the turning point has taken place, the airports are Carbon Neutral. A big milestone has been reached but it is not enough for the MAG group: the Manchester Airports Group is ready to make a further positive contribution by involving sector partners and Airlines.

The airport of East Midland harness the power of two wind turbines, the gem of the Bournemouth consists of a building a low carbon emissions. Only during 2011, the two airports cut theirs CO2 emissions of 7,171 tons. Not only East Midland and Bournemouth, the MAG report underlines that Manchester airport is also on track to achieve the goal of carbon neutral. The date is set for 2015 and € 2 million has already been invested to reduce the harmful emissions of 12,500 tons per year.

Video: Helsinki Airport is now carbon neutral - this is how we did it. Finavia (June 2021).