Italian agriculture, debts of 28 million euros

Italian agriculture, debts of 28 million euros

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Fraud in the agricultural sector amount to 298 million euros. An important resource such asagriculture it cannot be left to itself. The new PAC it should bring a change especially because we are on the verge of one food price crisis.

Member States can access European Union funds but it is up to the Commission to check that they have borne fruit. The Commission asked for the return of funds for a total of 215 million euros.

Part of the funds have already been recovered, technically the funds flow back into the Union budget for non-compliance with EU regulations or non-compliance with the control procedures of the agricultural expenditure. Among the Member States indebted to the European Union for the mismanagement of agricultural land Italy is also included, along with Latvia, Romania, Ireland, Greece, Austria, Portugal, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden and Hungary.

In particular, Italy will have to return 28 million euros for gaps in the calculation of payment entitlements and for lack of integration of the olive oil sector in the SPU. These seem very high figures, but if you consider that, compared to 2011, fraud against the European budget has dropped by 35%, it is clear that in this catastrophic context European Commission it is making progress with its investigations into the fate of the allocated funds.

Italy is among the countries in debt but the least virtuous state is Portugal, which must return agricultural land for a total of € 89.4 million due to weaknesses in the identification system of agricultural parcels, on-the-spot checks and geographical information systems.

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