The robot that reduces the costs of photovoltaics

Plants such as sunflowers have evolved to allow for maximum sun exposure. Just like these plants some solar panels they are equipped with a monitoring system to always maintain the right trajectory. In this way, a Solar Panel it is able to increase its efficiency by about 40%.

This technology is by no means new, indeed, according to Wikipedia, at least 85% of the producers of photovoltaic systems with a capacity greater than one MW, from 2009 to 2012, it used this system. Despite the data exposed by Wikipedia it must be said that this technology is still too expensive to become mass-market.

Technology solar traker could be made accessible by the introduction of a simplifying system. THE solar panels can "chasing the sunā€¯Thanks to sophisticated mechanical controllers that are installed on each individual panel. The turning point comes from QBotix Inc. which aims to eliminate the controllers thanks to a "total administrator".

The controllers can be replaced with a single robot capable of controlling the trajectory of all the photovoltaic panels. The robot is called SolBot and regulates the orientation of solar panels always directing them towards the sun. SolBot it can manage up to 200 solar panels which is more or less the equivalent of a 300 kW photovoltaic system. The great ones solar systems could use more robots.

Single axis solar monitoring systems can be supplanted by a robot which is cheaper and more efficient. Technology solar traker of SolBot it passed the preliminary tests and showed excellent performances during its nine months of testing. Technology SolBot will be able to reduce the costs ofclean energy produced by solar parks with a decrease of 20%. This was declared by QBotix Inc. which has already put the new green trinket on sale.

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