How to preserve the colors of autumn

How to preserve the colors of autumn

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At the beginning of autumn, the leaves of many branches turn brown, yellow and red, creating an evocative and flamboyant palette on the branches. Outdated the last moon of summer, this phenomenon has already begun in the mountains and in the next few days, with the gradual lowering of the temperature, it will also affect the plain

If we want to continue enjoying the colors of autumn, we can provide for the conservation of branches with colored leaves with an operation of the utmost simplicity and at a very low cost.

First of all, we collect not too woody branches on which the leaves still adhere firmly (which is why the beginning of the autumn season is the best time). We wash the leaves well in order to eliminate even the smallest trace of dust and dry them gently.

Now immerse the stems for 10/15 cm in a solution of two parts of hot water and one part of glycerine. The medium-sized container to be used must be either aluminum or enamelled. Slowly the glycerin solution will rise to occupy every part of the plant tissues and the colors will be fixed forever: branches and leaves will take on a shiny and bronze patina.

The leaves will be ready when all or most of the solution has been absorbed. The most suitable leaves are those of chestnut, beech, red-leaved hazel, plane tree, oak, laurel, magnolia, sorbaria, Canadian vine, aucuba, camellia, maonia, Japanese medlar.

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