The case that disguises the iPad

The case that disguises the iPad

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Stories repeat themselves and fashions return. Like many years ago, hardcover diaries are back in fashion; but who has ebook readers, electronic calendars and iPad? Well, you can just buy a wooden houses that manages to disguise it in one of those nostalgic diaries that we like so much.

Shane and Drew are two designers passionate about cutting-edge technology and sustainability. They are Apple followers and have created sustainable wood lines for the iPhone, ipAd and Macbook Pro. In particular, for the Cupertino tablet, they have created a case that manages to disguise the hyper-technological device in an old-style diary.

Like everyone else case for iPad, this also protects the device from bumps and scratches. It has a fresh design and the feeling of a class eco-friendly. The cases are made of bamboo and available for iPad 2 and 3. They are made with traditional techniques of binding, just the ones used for your favorite novel or your degree thesis!

The only anomaly of this iPhone case it is a small hole that allows you to capture images using the iPad camera. The case has a structure that serves to naturally amplify the sound coming out of the device's speakers. This designer jewel can be purchased for a limited time on Kickstarter, where it is offered for $ 10 less than the retail price.

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