Liza, the app for hauliers and companies

Liza, the app for hauliers and companies

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With the same principle of carpooling, an initiative is born that sees all truck drivers in Europe collaborate. The preliminary reflection is the same: how much savings would be generated if all hauliers of Europe were driving fully loaded?

The distribution of goods between commercial activities generates a large environmental impact, but what if road hauliers and companies started coordinating using circuits similar to social networks? Truck traffic could be reduced! In the era of web 2.0 and smartphones, such a solution could not be missing.

Is called Lise and to propose it is the innovative solutions company Miranda Srl. Lise is a free application for iPhone and Android operating systems. How does it work Lise?

“The companies report on the website each new load available: route, type of goods, weight, delivery period and necessary means of transport. The hauliers report the date and place of departure and arrival, and Liza automatically searches for all the companies that have indicated a load to be shipped on that route ... " and… boom, that's it. After a series of clicks, hauliers and companies find themselves with an incredible databank that indicates all routes and scheduled deliveries. Ideal for to reduce pollution linked to both short-distance and international transport.

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