Furnish your home with bottle caps

Furnish your home with bottle caps

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Strolling in the Siberian taiga forest, you could never imagine coming across an explosion of colors. The liveliness is given by a home furnished with recycled bottle caps. It was made by a retired woman, Olga Kostina, a resident of the village of Kamarchaga.

Over the years, Olga Kostina has collected thousands of bottle caps to create bright, colorful mosaics that follow traditional macramé patterns. To furnish your home with i recycled bottle tabbi, Olga used a textile technique and nailed the caps one by one with the help of a small hammer.


Among the elaborations carried out with recycled bottle caps, we can observe a specimen of local fauna, motifs that recall the forest and a nice cat.

The one put in place by Olga Kostina is just one way to reuse the bottle caps, here in Italy there are not a few women who have decided to create one curtain exploiting old fishing nets and caps. It is always better to build curtains and mosaics at home than to see them adrift in the waters of our seas!


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