BionX, turn your bike into electric

There bicycle it is undoubtedly the environmentally friendly vehicle. It does not pollute, it does not release harmful emissions and in addition it allows us to maintain perfect physical shape! We often put it aside because we are not always predisposed to even the slightest physical effort, to choose a faster, even if highly polluting vehicle! And if ours bicycle could turn into one pedal assisted bicycle?

Now it is possible, thanks to the retrofit kit distributed by BionX, a brand that develops and manufactures electric propulsion systems for bicycles. If you have an old bicycle, don't throw it away, you can make it electric! BionX it is in fact a complete kit with battery, rear wheel and control panel with relative connections, which in a simple way and without waste transforms the usual bicycle into an electric vehicle complete with multifunction display.


The display shows: distance, speed, stopwatch, battery charge status and alarm system. It is very easy to assemble, just read the instructions given with the Kit. Innovative system on the front of assisted pedaling: the electric battery of BionX not only does it deliver energy to facilitate pedaling while on the move, but it also accumulates it by self-charging.

The electric batteries can be purchased in different formats depending on the use or type of bicycle. The rear wheel has a brushless DC motor that does not require maintenance and is available in different powers, wheel sizes and colors.


Now we can decide whether to stroll in bike pedaling or decide not to get tired at all, however the result does not change, it always remains a means ecofriendly.

Video: The inside of an e-bike hub motor, with planetary gears. (June 2021).