Working in the environmental sector

In recent years the sustainable professions they guaranteed employment for about 4 million people in the old continent. Working in the environmental sector it is possible and there are many professionals requests. There Green Economy, also in strong growth in Italy, represents the springboard, from alternative energies to the energy manager.

But what are the most popular green professions in the last period? Electronics engineers specializing in ecological systems: are those who design clean energy systems. The flagship is Power One, a company in the photovoltaic field that has absorbed several engineers for the construction of innovative clean energy structures.

  • Electronic researchers: they are those who choose to remain in the university environment to research new alternative production techniques of clean energy, as well as to improve existing systems.
  • Energy managers: they are those who manage and promote energy innovations in companies and public administrations.
  • Auditors: they are the experts in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Technicians for monitoring the water quality: they are those who analyze the pollutants dissolved in the seas and waterways.
  • Eco-chef: they are kitchen professionals who prepare only seasonal, organic and zero-kilometer products. They use little energy for cooking from clean sources and ban waste and products with artificial preservatives.
  • Sustainable tourism operators: they are those who offer in the field of tourism, solutions that combine fun and attention to the environment. Use of public transport, accommodation and transport with a reduced environmental impact, research of uncontaminated places not affected by tourist villages, respect for local populations and their economy, among the aspects that characterize their figure.
  • Mechanical engineers with specialization in hybrid systems: they are those who collaborate with major car manufacturers to experiment with new forms of eco-sustainable transport.
  • Sustainable architecture designers: they are those who design in compliance with the rules of saving and energy efficiency in the architectural field. News also in the educational field with the figure of the environmental educator. This figure has the task of raising awareness among associations, schools, both private and public structures to respect the environment and prepare people for eco-sustainable choices.

Video: Careers in Sustainability and Green Jobs with Robert Gilleskie - Job Won (November 2021).