The best supercomputer in the world

The best supercomputer in the world

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Two leading technology companies have joined forces to build the supercomputer most efficient in the world. The supercomputer it can process a million billion calculations per second! The giants in question are theIntel and Hewlett Packard (HP) and the result of this merger will be used by the United States government to start research on the renewables.

This is not just any computer but a supercomputer, code number Super it is deserved as the device promises to be the most efficient data center in the world. HP technology coupled with Intel systems has led to the synthesis of a computer that uses water to cool servers allowing them to operate at top speeds. Top speed? Yes, we are talking about a million billion calculations per second!

The computer will be used by the Department for Renewable energies of the Government of the United States of America (NREL). The research will focus onenergy efficiency and on the sources of alternative energies. Only the best for NREL researchers who, thanks to the partnership between HP and Intel, are able to work with one of the most powerful platforms in the world. Talking about it is Misage Scott of Hewlett Packard (HP) which claims:

The NREL needs an effective system that is able to support them with their research onenergy efficiency, it is necessary that the machine be able to reach the highest levels of performance in order to be the best for its researchers. The HP servers and the innovative water cooling system provide the necessary foundation to be among the most efficient data centers in the world.

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