Multi photovoltaic system

Multi photovoltaic system

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On the roofs of the Mercatone stores stands the largest multi-photovoltaic system never made in Italy on a group of properties. He made it there Enerray, a leading company for the installation of photovoltaics, in collaboration with Suntech Power Holdings, the world's largest producer of photovoltaic panels, a company not so popular in Europe due to the conflicts with China.

The installations of the multi-photovoltaic system, cover an area of ​​approximately 69,400 square meters distributed on the roofs of 33 structures for logistic use. The 42,152 solar panels Suntech used for the construction of the multi-plant ensure a total power of 9.8 MW with an annual capacity of 13,230 MWh. Every year, thanks to this plant, 7,478 tons of CO2 will be saved per year.

THE photovoltaic roofs installed in the various structures of Mercatone Uno are located in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont, Campania, Marche, Veneto and Puglia.

For Mercatone Uno, the initiative sustainable has two major benefits:
the reduction of costs related to electricity and the removal and disposal of more 50,000 sqm. of asbestos with the specific bonuses provided for by Energy bill, but above all with the benefits for the environment and the public health.

The project of photovoltaic roofs joins the new business plan that tends to make the company green and the assumptions will move in an eco-sustainable key. A striking example of Green Economy which relaunches the Mercatone Uno group as the first cluster company projected to the need to combine economy and attention to the environment.

Mercatone Uno. A truly virtuous behavior?
The company, to relaunch its buildings, has exploited the funds provided by the Energy bill (asbestos bonus). L'asbestos has for years been considered an enemy substance of public health and the environment. Mercatone Uno he should have acted first. A big step forward forenvironment with a net cut of 7,478 tons of carbon dioxide but is there a downside? There Suntech is a Chinese company, world leader in the production of photovoltaic panels. Europe and China have entered into a partnership. When it comes to the Eurozone economic crisis, China plays an important role but when there is a dialogue about human rights and the condition of workers, everyone is ready to take many steps backwards.

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