Ecological household linen

Ecological household linen

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There household linen consists of pillow cases, bedspreads, sheets, curtains ... these are essential elements for thehome furnishings. When trying to understand how to furnish your home, we should also have clear ideas about linen to use. For furnish home a greener, natural, healthier approach could be used, in the name of personal and environmental well-being.

There are really many fabrics that guarantee maximum eco-compatibility, some examples? Hemp, jute, hibiscus and bamboo fabrics. For a perfect guarantee of sustainability the reduction or rather the elimination of chemical elements and dyes on the fabric is necessary. In this perspective, the Zambaiti cotton mill, one of the most important companies in the textile sector. The Zambaiti cotton mill created a line of household linen totally ecological and natural.

Why should I choose natural fibers for furnish home?
The use of natural fibers it protects the ecosystem as it exploits renewable and biodegradable resources, in addition, it contributes to the improvement of living conditions and improves the overall income of the countries that produce it as well as spreading an eco-friendly lifestyle. In order to promote the business through an orientation sustainable based on respect for man and the environment, the textile company Zambaiti created a line in organic cotton certified by ICEA, without pesticides and dyed with substances of vegetable origin. The production processes implemented for this line of household linen allows the company a energy saving 87% which translates into a great environmental advantage.

The line is made up of 100% Ecotone garments, such as bed sets, duvet covers, bathroom sets. The baby line is completed with the coordinated bed, the complete cot sack with the coordinated bumpers, available in the three colors Natural, Curcuma and Green Tea. All Ecotone brand products improve the quality of life as they are hypoallergenic. The packaging is also developed in organic cotton.