Versilia, the greenest hospital in Italy

L'cogeneration plant high-tech and facilities of energy self-production, are the aspects eco-sustainable which will make the Versilia hospital, the first hospital in Europe with energy certification B. L 'Versilia hospital, as well as being the first eco-sustainable structure, is also the first facility to have commissioned a Capstone C600 gas turbine, the first machine of the American company that will be used for the production of steam in a hospital.

The hospital, born from a design by Renzo Piano, was inaugurated in June 2002 and is located in the province of Lucca on an area of ​​70,000 square meters. The project was born from the need to respect the surrounding environment. The turbine cogeneration structure that will go alongside the plants of energy self-production already existing and will allow savings of 600,000 kg of CO2 per year.

The hospital was designed to exploit every principle of eco-efficiency aimed at fighting waste and minimizingemission of harmful substances in the atmosphere. It is no coincidence that it has achieved the record of having constantly lowered its energy consumption from 2002 to today, up to -30% in 8 years.
The new cogeneration plant will also be used for the "turbo-cooling"A technique that will serve to condition the combustion air of the turbine through the operation of an absorption refrigerator. With this technique, part of thethermal energy waste of the turbine itself, in cooling energy.

Cogeneration technology "oil free”Of Capstone Turbine Corporation, will be particularly decisive in the hospital field. Lubricating oil or coolants will no longer be required, a solution that allows you to combine a series of advantages, from reduced maintenance tohigh efficiency. The inauguration of the new plant is scheduled for autumn 2012.

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