Car scrapping incentives

2016 car scrapping incentives: advice for those who intend to buy a new car and scrap the old one. Tips on scrapping a car with administrative detention.

You have a car from scrap? Why not take advantage of the incentives dedicated to the purchase of the latest generation cars? The oil crisis leads us to more sustainable choices, in fact the highest incentives are paid on scrapping for the purchase ofelectric cars ishybrid cars.

Thanks to car scrapping incentives you have the option of replacing an old vehicle, therefore less safe and more polluting, with a new vehicle, more friend of theenvironment, thus saving money and carbon dioxide.

Car scrapping incentives for 2016

They do not existcar scrapping incentivesstate-type. The state programs ofeco-incentivesborn for the diffusion of electric and hybrid cars ended in 2014 but rest assured, even if they are missinggovernment incentivesthere are not a few car manufacturers offering large discounts in exchange forscrappingof an older vehicle.

Fiat, Renault, Opel, Mazda, Peugeot, Mercedes, Bmw, Kia ... are all car manufacturers that periodically launch promotions that includeincentives on car scrapping.

Car incentives: costs

There car scrappingfor the purchase of a new vehicle it has no cost.

The car scrapping incentives from the highest value can be obtained, generally, in the last quarter of the year. Between October and December, the car manufacturers have already presented the new models that will be released in the following year and for this reason they are more inclined to discounts on the list price and to providecar scrapping incentives. To give you some discount examples:

  • For those who intendscrapping the car, the price of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (102 hp 1.5 engine) with EasyLife package drops to 24,900 euros
  • The price of the Fiat Panda Pop (69 hp 1.2 engine) thanks to the scrapping drops to 8,950 euros.
  • The discount for the Ford C-Max amounts to 5,500 euros.

Therecar scrappingshe has notcostsif performed in conjunction with the purchase of a new car. In addition, many car manufacturers, as seen, offerincentivesad hoc. It is advisable to call the car dealer of our interest to know the promotions of the month in case ofcar scrapping.

Car scrapping Rome

In Rome, as well as in Florence, Modena and Bologna, there are services offree car scrapping. The service ofcar demolitionfree of charge provides for the collection of the car at home only under special conditions, otherwise icostsofcar scrappingwill be limited to the delivery of the vehicle at the chosen scrapping center.

Milan car scrapping

Any center ofscrappinglocated on the boot, including those in Milan, they offer services such as:

  • Home collection of the car
  • Immediate delivery of the Certificate of Scrap
  • Demolition of the car and management of ACI practices
  • Cancellation of the vehicle from the PRA

Naples car scrapping

In Naples, many centers ofcar demolitionofferincentivesprivate toscrapping.Typically, theincentivesproposed byscrapping centers in Naplesare provided in the form ofShopping voucher or fuel voucher and can reach the value of 150 euros. On the one hand, the centers ofcar scrapping Naplesoffer the same services seen in the previous two paragraphs, in addition, they are able to provide small onesincentivesto scrapping to be awarded the management of the vehicle fromscrap.

What you need to scrap cars

L'car to be scrappedmust be free from any provision ofseizure or administrative detention. In addition, upon delivery of thecar to be scrappedyou will need to have the following documents:

  • number plates, vehicle registration document and certificate of ownership (or complementary sheet).
  • In the absence of the documents just mentioned, you will have to go to the carabinieri to make a formal report of loss or theft.
  • Scrapping can also be performed by people other than the car owner, such as, for example, the heirs in the case of a deceased owner.
  • Copy of an identity document and the tax code of the holder.
  • If you have to scrap the car of a deceased person, you need a self-certification in lieu of the deed of notoriety, the death certificate and a copy of the identity documents of all the heirs. The replacement self-certification form can be downloaded on the ACI website under "Substitutive declaration - Inheritance ".
  • If the vehicle frombreakis in the name of a company, the CCIA certificate and the substitutive declaration of the legal representative are required.

Scrapping a car with administrative detention

It has been possible since 2009scrapping cars with administrative detentionbut this option is not available to everyone. To be ablescrapping cars with administrative detentionwithout having to pay all the fines related to the vehicle, it is only motorists who find themselves with a car in an evident state of decay.

If thecar with administrative detentionis of the "non-circulating" type, has been set on fire due to vandalism or is in a state of neglect (worn out, engine melted ...) it is possible to request thescrappingwithout removing the catch. In this case, it will be necessary to certify the state of the vehicle and ask the competent authorities for permission to be scrapped. Forscrapping a car with administrative detentionyou can contact a good car practices agency, act independently or contact private companies such as "AutoMotori "which operates throughout Italy offering withdrawal of the vehicle and management of practices for thescrapping of cars with administrative detention. For all information, we recommend that you contact the company directly at: 324.860.3000.

If the car withadministrative detentionit is still circulating, all you have to do is remove the detention by paying the penalties that caused the detention. Once the administrative detention has been removed, the vehicle can be scrapped or sold.

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