Harmonius Mobility Network

Harmonius Mobility Network

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How should urban transport be managed to have cities free of traffic and smog?
There Toyota accepted the challenge and launched a program of sustainable mobility that "represents a harmonious transport network " which limits road congestion and increases the level of harmony between motorists. THE public transport they are greener than private cars but it is a real stress having to wait for connections and buses.

The experiment launched by Toyota is called Harmonius Mobility Network, abbreviated with the abbreviations "Ha: Mo". The program Toyota is based on two lines, the first exploits electric vehicles offered in sharing, the second uses public transport. Both lines can be conveniently managed by your own smartphone!

Using an application, the user can make the best choice based on the route to be traveled. It analyzes a mix of various means of transport such as trains, buses, taxis and "coms"... The app also takes into account traffic congestion. The system provides information on parking spaces, on the availability of parking spaces etc.

Ha: Mo, offers a service that allows the optimal management of urban traffic but also a fleet of electric vehicles as alternative means of transport that will help the user to move from one station to another. There urban mobility, with Ha: Mo, manages to integrate individual needs with public transport lines. The fleet of electric vehicles It's composed by ultra-compact cars. The model used is the COMS electric vehicle of Toyota.

For the first year, Toyota offers the use of the COMS at no cost. Currently the program Harmonius Mobility Network it is limited to 100 people but will soon be expanded to 1000 citizens who will have to divide a fleet of 100 electric vehicles. Toyota, to improve the efficiency of its service, has implemented an energy data management system (EDMS) whose purpose is to reduce the overall energy consumption transportation.

The project Toyota City demonstrates the technological avant-garde of Japan. As if that were not enough, soon there Yamaha will take the field introducing electric motorcycles and other means of transport for Japanese commuters such as pedal assisted bicycles.

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