The impregnable Safe City of Expo 2015

The impregnable Safe City of Expo 2015

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Expo 2015 has its technological partner, is the Finmeccanica Group which will take care of the Safe City & Main Operation Center platform. The Finmeccanica Group will provide for the supply of goods, services and infrastructures for a total value of 28.3 million euros. The partnership provides for the setting up of an operations center able to monitor and supervise the event ensuring the safety of the public and operators of Expo 2015. The project will be carried out by Selex Ex, company of Finmeccanica Group.

What will Finmeccanica do for Expo 2015?
It will provide the appropriate tools to ensure the safety of visitors and workers of Expo 2015, in particular, the employees of the operational center will be able to make use of a 3D satellite cartographic representation of the entire exhibition site. The satellite representation in 3D will be made by e-Geos, another company of the Finmeccanica Group. Thanks to this technology, surveillance operators will be able to implement a real one virtual immersion in the environment to be monitored for a better understanding of the scenario and, therefore, greater operational effectiveness.

If this technology were not enough, the safety of Expo users is also guaranteed by the presence of 500 radio devices and a video surveillance system provided by uncooled thermal micro-cameras latest generation, developed by the US company DRSTechnologies.

We are proud to be the technological partner of Expo 2015 -declared Giuseppe Orsi, President and CEO of Finmeccanica - The model of Safe City that we will create for the event is a demonstration of our Group's commitment to the use of excellent technologies at the service of safety. The solution designed by Finmeccanica for EXPO 2015 benefits from the experience gained by the Group over the years both in command and control systems for defense and in air traffic control systems and in the management of major events. One of Finmeccanica's main objectives is to become a reference technological partner for cities that intend to evolve towards models ofSmart City, thus satisfying a wide spectrum of needs not only in the field of safety, but more generally relating to the activities that take place daily in our urban centers, such as mobility management, energy distribution and environmental monitoring ".

Surveillance and monitoring systems of this kind go far beyond all expectations! The same James Bond he would feel embarrassed in front of the artillery of the Finmeccanica Group! Expo 2015, for its Smart City, could not aspire to a better technological partner!

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