In Friuli, the zero-kilometer biogas plant

In Friuli, the zero-kilometer biogas plant

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There Greenway Bertiolo biogas power plant inaugurated on 1 December, it will produce over 8,000 500 MWh per year of electricity with biogas obtained from fermentation of herbaceous crops. It is one of the largest biogas plants in the Middle Friuli, as well as a good example of the local system's ability to network throughout the territory. Bertiolo is in the province of Udine.

Behind the project, conceived in 2009, is the agricultural company arl Greenway, made up of three families of agricultural entrepreneurs - Tam, Sbrugnera is Gardisan - in the role of majority shareholders, with Marco Tam president e Gabriele Gardisan vice president. The other shareholders participating in the share capital are FriulAdria (business & finance), the Cariparma Group - Crédit Agricole, and local economic operators such as Carifvg as a borrowing bank e NEB for the start phase. The advisor of the operation was the Catullo & Partners firm of Treviso.

Feature of the project Greenway Bertiolo is to be a typical case of zero km supply chain, both incoming and outgoing. The land adjacent to the plant (all available from Greenway) provide the raw material, while the natural organic fertilizer which results from the process will go on these same soils replacing, in large part, the chemical fertilizer.

In Greenway Bertiolo biogas power plant biogas is produced by an anaerobic process in mesophilia (temperature around 40-45 °) on the vegetable masses inside fermenters; the gas powers an engine (the cogenerator) which produces the electricity to be fed into the network. The residues of the process, high quality liquid fertilizer and natural fertilizer, are destined for the land managed by Greenway itself.

There Greenway Bertiolo biogas power plant it was built between 2009 and 2011 and costs a total of about 5 million euros. Tested in 2012, it will work 365 days a year. The plant has an electrical power of 1 MW, sufficient to cover the electricity needs of over 2000 families. The plant occupies an area of ​​18 thousand square meters and can count on the availability of 300 hectares of land. By subtracting self-consumption from the expected annual production of 8500 MWh, Greenway estimates that it will sell around 8,000 MWh to the grid.

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