Garden on the balcony: vegetables at zero meters

Garden on the balcony: vegetables at zero meters

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In the blog "My garden on the balcony" he cultivates his passion, a contagious passion of growing basil, tomatoes, vegetables and so on at zero km, indeed, at zero meters. IS' Cristina Duca, who works in a publishing house but is an experimenter at home, together with her husband and two children who are growing seasonal vegetables after seasonal vegetables, licking their chops with genuine recipes made with the ingredients grown before their eyes. An experience to recommend, that ofvegetable garden on the balcony: tasty, therapeutic and also often economically convenient.

1) Why a garden on the counter: how and when the idea was born and why recommend it?

The idea ofvegetable garden she came to my husband. One morning he said to me: “But why don't we put tomatoes instead of violets?”. I found myself so in agreement that the same day I got seeds, seedlings and soil. Now I recommend it for many reasons: it is educational if you have children, but also for yourself, and then it allows you to eat, if not always often, vegetables at zero km or at most you can talk about meters ...

It is also therapeutic: it personally relaxes me and gives me a state of euphoria every time something new comes up.

2) How has your life changed with the garden? And that of his family?

The rhythms of each day have not changed since the time I used to water the flowers or plant bulbs I now use in the same way but watering chicorione and planting cloves of garlic. The savings, given the limited surface area of ​​my balcony are not high, they would be with a larger terrace. One thing is certain: the taste of the dishes I can cook gains. And then there are the children: it is nice and comforting to see a 5 year old, followed by a 2 year old, who as soon as he gets out of bed goes to the balcony to see if the basil has sprung up or a tomato has turned red. My children are learning which vegetables are in season and how vegetables are born. This is education too ... "in the field" education I would say!

3) What are the necessary conditions to be able to create a vegetable garden on your balcony?

Just have a few pots available - even the same ones where the flowers were now - and then some bags of earth, some clay or stones to create a draining bottom and clearly seeds, or seedlings, and water. Nothing else is needed. You can start with simple crops: I always recommend aromatic herbs; simple to grow and useful to always have fresh and at hand. And then there is also a small saving on these: at the supermarket a package of odors costs almost 2 euros. By investing 7/10 we will have basil, parsley and garlic for the whole year.

4) Which sowing is recommended in the autumn season?

I always recommend chicory, chicory and cutting salads. However, you can also try it with fennel and radishes.

5) In the summer? and in the spring one?

In the spring sowing, the foundations are laid for the summer harvest, the most beautiful one, thanks to its flavors and colors: peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, onions are my favorite crops.

6) Are there guides, books, courses that you recommend for those who want to follow in your footsteps? Or easier sowing to start with?

There are courses, but I do not consider them essential, just search a little online to find lots of information and exchange opinions with those who have already started vegetable garden. To start I recommend cutting salad, garlic and basil.

7) Three dishes among your recipes cooked entirely with garden products?

Of course you do: zucchini omelette, tonnarelli with basil pesto and cherry tomatoes, pizza stuffed with chicorione.

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