Photovoltaic systems at no cost

Have you ever heard of I GO OUT? Energy Service Company? They are militant energy service companies in both the public and private sectors. In practical terms, ESCOs offer more accessible energy systems for the user. The services offered by the ESCOs range from the definition of the initial project to the maintenance or physical construction of the plant.

The I GO OUT represent the alternative to incentives provided by Energy bill. They were born in the early 1980s in the USA and arrived in Italy through a European directive implemented by our country in 2008 with legislative decree 115.

Photovoltaic system at no cost
Thanks to the plans proposed byI GO OUT, a user can get to set up a photovoltaic system at no cost. How is it possible? The user can make preliminary agreements with an ESCO in order to find alternative economic solutions: before the intervention, a profit could be set for the ESCO based on the electricity bill. If the energy costs beforeinstallation of the photovoltaic system were very high, with the advent of solar energy it could be decided to transfer the difference between energy costs before and after the plant's advent to ESCO. Obviously, this is a profit that ESCO will only obtain for a set period of time.

How do ESCOs work?
First of all we proceed with one energy assessment of the building where the intervention is required. After the preliminary diagnosis, the best possible solutions are drawn up, based on energy needs, sun exposure and other factors. The second step consists in designing and raising capital to then make the investment. The realization of the project is not the final phase, after having set up theplant, there will be a monitoring phase so as to keep consumption, performance and i costs. The company will also take care of the maintenance and management of the set up system.

The ESCOs are different from each other, even if the principle is the same, better read up well and choose the one that offers complementary services to your needs.

Photo | Anna De Simone

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