Ecological wedding

Ecological wedding

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The marriage it is a ritual that involves many expenses and not only ... .. the environment is also at the expense! Why not choose a ecological wedding? Just follow a few tips and you can get married while respecting the environment while also benefiting economically.

Ecological wedding, the invitations
Do not waste money and paper with classic invitations, digital invitations can also be fine: just invite guests via email, twitter, facebook, chat, asking them to fill in a format for participation. For lovers of tradition you can use recycled paper, with hand delivery.

Ecological wedding, the dress
The wedding dress is worn only once in a lifetime, so why spend so much if you can no longer wear it? Here, you can rent it or borrow it. A nice idea is to suggest the guests to dress only in used, vintage, bartered or borrowed clothes, so as not to fuel consumerism and the resulting emissions.

Ecological wedding, Photo album
What are all those photographs in the album for in the digital age? Instead, you can make a nice digital album: it will be easy to share with your friends and there will be no waste of paper, inks, glossy substances and emissions.

Ecological wedding, the car
You can organize your arrival at the church and restaurant by carriage, tandem or bicycle, thus avoiding the use of cars. The guests must do the same. The problem will be for those who can no longer ride a bike, in which case groups of people will be organized to go by car. Alternatively, the guests and the newlyweds themselves can move all together by bus.

Ecological wedding, the location
For the choice of location, orient yourself towards easily accessible structures in order to reduce travel. Make sure they have organic menus. Do not overdo the quantities of food to avoid unnecessary waste and make sure that separate collection is done at the end of the ceremony. As a location you could choose the countryside or the sea with packed breakfast. It would be a ecological wedding 100%

For the launch of rice you can choose grains and seeds, instead of rice that would otherwise be wasted, the birds will undoubtedly like and think about cleaning up the square after the ceremony.

And the wedding favors? Why not resort to local products? You could donate jars of jams, bottles of wine or handicrafts as wedding favors, in order to favor their production as well.

At the end…. don't forget that the honeymoon must also be eco-friendly.

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