Chocolate LED lamp

Chocolate LED lamp

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It was difficult to understand in which category to put this article, if in the section dedicated to energy saving or to the power supply!

Valentine's day is upon us and on this occasion chocolate is king, even if someone needs a low-calorie diet ... on this occasion an exception is fine and what an exception: it is rare to see a conjunction between chocolate is technology, one of these rarities is proposed by the designer Alexander Lervik. The designer, inspired by the rising of the sun, created one LED lamp made in dark chocolate. It is the heat of the LED that melts the chocolate, creating shades of light and delicious sweet pleasure.

There LED lamp is called "Lumière au Chocolate ", "Chocolate shadow". There LED chocolate lamp, has a pyramidal shape, the tip of the chocolate pyramid has been removed to allow the heat to go around the chocolate shell evenly. Slowly, like the rising sun, the light comes to life until it penetrates the chocolate shell.

The only side effect: the LED chocolate lamp it only lasts 15 minutes! After about 15 minutes the chocolate has melted, conveyed into a sort of dish, can be enjoyed as a fondue with fruit and biscuits, or eaten as soon as it has solidified. Sure, the LED lamp it will continue to work but will have lost all the poetry and sweetness of chocolate.

The idea of ​​designer Lervik is almost poetic, at first the darkness is in force, then the light manages to penetrate and make its way through the chocolate. Light triumphs and sweetness melts at the base. Sure, this one LED chocolate lamp it is not practical at all but it can be perfect in particularly romantic contexts. Restaurants could offer it to the tables of the most enamored couples so the chocolate melts while the customers enjoy their dinner and have chocolate still warm just in time for dessert!

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