Grass lamp with hydroponic vegetation

Grass lamp with hydroponic vegetation

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What is that Grass Lamp?
A lamp elegant that illuminates the house and aggring a touch of green with the vegetation hydroponics.
It is perfect for to furnish large offices or small homes. Grass Lamp brings a small green space into the home or workplace, not to mention its native function: it illuminates spaces, improving their livability and productivity. It was designed by the industrial designer Marko Vuckovic. With his unique and comfortable approach, the designer has created an elegant and enchanting object.

There Grass Lamp it is not the last purchase of the green design, has a rich history and has won the award in his career Designanddesign 2009. There Grass lamp promotes and proposes plant growth with hydroponic technique. Terrestrial plants need a mix of soil, light and water to grow and feed with growth irdoponica plants can obtain all the nutrients from a single aqueous solution that does not dirty.

As an alternative to the aqueous solution, with the hydroponic technique, culture media such as gravel, perlite, coconut shells and mineral wool can be exploited. The plants, thus grown, will be able to absorb the CO2 and enrich the home environment with new oxygen. In addition to the substrate (aqueous solution, gravel, perlite…), to allow plant growth, the light emitted by the lamp itself will be necessary.

The only sore point is the material: the Grass lamp it is made of PVC plastic material. The lamp can be suspended in the center of a room or adhere to the wall like a painting. Another version includes a stand that allows the lamp to stand upright.

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