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Balcony flowers

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Of course, there are many flowering plants which can adorn windows and balconies, but how many of these are perennial? Many women find it difficult to organize a flowered balcony. Some people are forced to buy new plants every spring and end up keeping the balcony bare during the winter. What are the flowers more lasting and what are the perennials?

Balcony flowers, advice
-Plants with rich flowering
Not everyone knows that for some plants, there are varieties a rich flowering. At the time of purchase, it is better to ask explicitly if the seller has this variety.
- Perennial plants
The secret to having a balcony rich in vegetation, is to arrange the flowering plants along with evergreen plants. In doing so, the vessels will fill with flowers from March to November but they will be lively and luxuriant throughout the year.

Balcony flowers, which ones to choose?
Let's start with gods flowers very classic, the lilies.
Among the plants of the Lilium, the most suitable is the one with a rich flowering of Grandiflora lilies. These spectacular flowers can fill the balcony planters and can be cultivated together with perennial plants or among the abrusti. They will flourish again from year to year, from June to August. It is advisable to plant them among evergreen plants that do not exceed 60-80 cm in height. If you have taller evergreen plants (about one meter), i flowers most suitable are the gladioli, bloom from July to September.

THE balcony flowers there are two par excellence, dahlias and begonias. Of these there are particular varieties which offer a lasting flower it's colored. Of the Begonia x tuberhybrida, a company markets the "Non Stop" variety it offers flowers multicolored from June to November. The “Terrace Dahlia”, just like Begonia, is perfect for balcony, it blooms from July to November and can be easily grown both in pots and in boxes / planters. A very elegant plant that produces flowers from April to May, it is the Japanese sapling Azalea. It is more suitable for the terrace but goes well with a balcony spacious.

Double scabiosa, S. japonica, is an incredibly rich flowering plant. It begins to bloom in spring and continues until October. Every year it regenerates its flowers.

Balcony flowers, those that last until November
Pelargonium citrosum, geraniums that bloom from June to November.
Crispa Marginata, a variety of begonia with bright yellow, snow white flowers edged in a flaming red. They bloom from June to November.
Verbana, calibrachoa, lobelia. They offer flowers perfect for balconies. They can be arranged in hanging baskets and offer blooms from June to November.
Tyrolean hanging geraniums, Pelargonium peltatum. They are the classic hanging flowers that can be seen on the balconies of mountain houses. They bloom from June to November.

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