From Italy, innovation for the development of humanity

From Italy, innovation for the development of humanity

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Once again, innovation is made in Italy: a start-up from Veneto, la Solwa, has managed to create a tool capable of purify polluted water (or salty), using only the sun's radiation.

There Research saw an investment of 250 thousand euros, the start up Solowa has already filed a patent; the device made is composed of a few pieces that hide one technology based on sophisticated calculations of chemistry and thermodynamics. The materials for manufacturing are easy to find and the tool was designed to be used in those remote locations where the water supply is non-existent, which is why a sort of of do-it-yourself kits.

The system uses a micro pump that brings the water to a particular greenhouse within which, following the temperature rise, it evaporates. It is at this point that the water comes purificata: an exchanger brings pure water back to the liquid state while the polluting particles are isolated and properly disposed of.

The module developed by Solwa it not only serves to make water drinkable but can be used in distillation processes and can be used by the food industry to improve drying processes. The device of the start up Venetian will be marketed by the summer of 2013.

There Solwa was born only in 2012 and has already received recognition from the United Nations, its technology, in fact, has been defined "an innovation for the development of humanity", Inserted inIDEASS, Innovation for Development and South-Sout cooperation, a program created to bring innovations to less industrialized countries.

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