Equinox Passive House, a dream home

Equinox Passive House, a dream home

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This splendid house (see the photo gallery) is located on the coast of Kavarna, in Bulgaria. It was designed to adapt perfectly to the angle of light typical ofsolar equinox. Is called "Equinox Passive House“, Is a passive house of 515 square meters.

Equinox Passive House was designed by Ignatov Architects. The house looks like a cult ofenergy saving with a compact design and an efficiency that exceeds 90 percent that of a similar house designed following the most conventional criteria. It is for this reason that the Equinox Passive House has managed to grant itself the status of "Passive House“.

L'Equinox Passive House it was built on the edge of a hill on the Kavarna coast. This position allows the house to integrate with the surrounding nature. The integration is aided by the materials used in the construction: a green roof guarantees insulation and provides a natural leisure lawn. The green roof limits the energy waste and helps maintain a constant internal temperature.

The main facade (the front one overlooking the sea) has a glass wall that allows maximum exposure to sunlight so as to ensure anatural lighting both in summer and winter: in summer the sun hits the window while in winter, the sun has a lower angle and hits the pool in the front atrium. The pool reflects the sun's rays so as to provide a natural lighting even in winter.

As if the goodies just described weren't enough, theEquinox Passive House features a plant for the treatment of waste water, a system that guarantees natural ventilation with air recovery and solar panels perfectly integrated on the roof. The solar panels are located on wooden support structures. For the heating, during the winter months, the house can count on an underground heat pump. The pool is also heated with clean energy derived from solar panels additional.

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